what’s the chance of having a flush?

As you’ve probably guessed, my blog post today is all about probability! This is the topic that my Precalculus students have been studying lately. I decided to show you a few different problems that either involve combinations or where people THINK they have to use combinations when they actually don’t! This is advice that I taught myself to follow as I did more and more with probability, and I hope that it will help you to choose the easiest way to solve these types of problems too.

volumes the calculus way

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Spring Break. It still feels like winter here, but since it’s April we can just pretend like it’s Spring! As my seniors are gearing up for AP tests at the beginning of May I will be including videos of some of the final chapters that they’ve been studying this past month. The topic today is how to find the volume of a solid by using cross-sections. Both AB and BC Calculus students study this topic so I will include one video for both classes. I’ve shown the most frequent shapes that Calculus books use for the cross-sections (square, equilateral triangle, circle etc.) Hopefully this will help some of you as you begin reviewing everything this month for the AP exams!!


back at it!

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus (I think I just got burned out after finals), but I’m back! My Precalc students have been studying conic sections with the most difficult problems being the ones where they have to write the equation based off of a description of the hyperbola, ellipse, etc. Since hyperbolas seem to give them the most trouble that is the kind that I picked for my video today…



I will see you back here again tomorrow! My plan is to finish off the rest of the school year with a blog post each day…we’ll see if I can stick to it!!

it’s all about math

It’s another super cold day here in Chicago!


My regular Advanced Algebra Trig students have been graphing polynomial functions of higher degrees using zeros and end behavior. The graphs have also had “bounces” and “flattening”. Here’s a video demonstrating those types of problems…


My honors Advanced Algebra Trig students are wrapping up the semester by solving radical equations. Here is one of the hardest problems I could find to show you for those!



it’s definitely winter

We woke up to -1 degrees this morning, brrr!! I was able to squeeze in enough time to record the following videos after I spent about 3 hours fine-tuning my schedule for finals! Every year I wonder which is more difficult…scheduling all of those hours of students or actually tutoring that many hours of students, lol! I think it’s a toss-up :)


Here is a video explaining a neat method for sketching polar graphs. This is what my honors Precalc students are doing this week…



And here is a video showing how to solve a trig equation that involves a total of 6 answers! This is what my regular Precalc students were just tested on…