short and sweet!

Hello everyone! I’m super busy this week tutoring my students for their finals (which mostly take place next week). Yesterday I had 13 hours of students, yikes!! I’m going to try to blog everyday this week but am going to keep my posts pretty short in the essence of my time crunch :)


Here’s a video on how and why it’s good for my BC Calculus students to know the cylindrical shell method for finding volumes of revolution (in addition to their preferred methods of disks and washers)…



And here’s a video explaining how to look at a graph of a derivative and answer questions about the original function. I ALWAYS get a ton of questions on how to do this! My AB Calculus students have been doing this very recently…

slow to blog

Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a difficult transition this week coming off of vacation…I’m sure it’s been the same for all of you! I am definitely going to make some time tomorrow to post a few new videos though. I know I’ve been slacking!!

For the next two weeks, the majority of my students are preparing for finals. Because of that, all of my posts next week will target the most difficult review questions that I’m seeing in each subject. Hopefully that will help you prepare for your finals also (if you haven’t already taken them)!

Here’s a little preview of what will come over the next 1.5 weeks…

AB Calculus : Finding local extrema and concavity
BC Calculus : Finding volume using washers, disks and shells
Precalculus : Solving trig equations
Advanced Algebra Trig : Graphing polynomials using zeros and end behavior
…plus more (including Geometry and Algebra)!!

Stay warm, and I will see you back here tomorrow :)

welcome to winter break!

I just spent a very rewarding day at my daughter’s school, together with my husband, hosting their classroom holiday party! We had a lot of fun with a classroom full of 4th graders mainly just being silly and eating lots of treats! Next stop Christmas!!


My honors Geometry students have wrapped up their week with a test on the chapter regarding lines and planes in space. It’s a pretty short chapter which teaches the ways to determine a plane, how to prove that a line is perpendicular to a plane, and includes properties about parallel lines and planes. I’ve included a list of some tricky true/false questions which my students usually have trouble with.



My regular Geometry students were just tested on parallelograms. Their LEAST favorite type of problem is when they have to decide on the most descriptive name of a quadrilateral¬†given four points on a graph. For most problems you can rely on just the slope and bypass using the distance formula…which they much prefer and it saves them a lot of time!


Stay tuned over Winter Break…I would love to answer any questions that you might have. Especially if you are like my own students and have 1st semester finals coming up in January! In the spirit of this season of giving, I would love to give out a #mathfavorsaver or two!

one more night

I only have one more night of tutoring before I’m on Winter Break, yay! I’m going to do my best to stay focused though and help my students make it through this Thursday and Friday of tests!!


My Advanced Algebra Trig students, both honors and regular, are doing synthetic division to find the factors and zeros of polynomials. Teachers definitely vary when they teach this topic to students. Most of my students however are asked to make a list of p/q’s which tells them the possible rational zeros, and then they are allowed to look at the graph on a calculator to find a few zeros that they then use in synthetic division. At least that way they don’t have to sit there and guess and check every p/q until they find one that gives them a zero remainder, but they are still showing the work and not just writing down all of the answers straight from the graph on the calculator! Whew…it’s still a lot to understand and can for sure be confusing. Here are two examples (one of them even has imaginary zeros):



Stay tuned for Geometry tomorrow! Even though it’s my Winter Break, I’m still planning to post to my blog!!

post office fun

I wish I was as good at using those self-service machines at the post office as I am at math! It would have saved me probably a half hour over waiting in line yesterday. I was almost late to tutor, and you probably noticed that I didn’t publish my Calculus post until midnight last night!!


Both my honors and regular Precalc students are synced up working on the chapter with trig identities right now. Both classes are solving trig equations so I created one video today showing a few examples of those. You have to be really familiar with your trig identities to make solving these equations much easier.



Have a wonderful Tuesday, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for Advanced Algebra Trig!