the week is half over!

Wednesday is always the busiest day of the week for me! I’m about to scoot over to my daughter’s school to run the School Store during their lunch hour. My husband and I are in charge of it together, and it is really fun to see how happy the kids get over a simple keychain or smelly marker!!



My regular Advanced Algebra Trig students are just wrapping up their VERY long chapter over quadratics. I’ve shown how to solve quadratic inequalities in this video (so this is quadratic equations that also have < or > symbols and zero on one side of the equation). I always get a lot of questions from students on how to solve these. There is more than one way that teachers use to solve them, but I’ve shown the “number line” method.



My honors Advanced Algebra Trig students are in the middle of logarithms right now. I’ve picked a few problems which show how you can use the 3 main properties of logarithms. Always remember when using the properties that you never use the same operation on both sides. What I mean is: one log with multiplication doesn’t become two logs with multiplication (it becomes two logs that are added). That idea seems to help most students!



See you tomorrow for my favorite day of the week!!

Better late than never

Talk about down to the wire…my Veteran’s Day ended up being filled with 10 hours of tutoring so I’m just now able to get to this post! I hope you all enjoyed your day off if you had one. My own daughter was pretty unhappy with me since I told her all week that she had today off of school, but she didn’t! Woops!


Anyway, let’s get these videos posted. My regular Advanced Algebra Trig students are still doing the chapter on quadratics so I decided to do a few examples of completing the square. I also included my own advice on which method you should use to solve each type of quadratic. I think that’s one of the hardest things about this chapter…all of the problems start to look the same after awhile and it’s difficult to know what to do for each. This video will help, and I will do even more with quadratics next Wednesday too.



My honors Advanced Algebra Trig students are getting to the very end of the chapter on rational equations. One of the final sections is on solving rational equations (getting an LCD is a huge part of this). Here is the video with a few examples…



Goodnight and here’s to a great tomorrow!

Advanced Algebra Trig Wednesday!

Ok, that’s kind of wordy and doesn’t have a very smooth sound to it! I have seen Advanced Algebra Trig called MANY different things by many different schools. Some that I’ve heard of are Algebra 2 with Trig, just Advanced Algebra (no trig), and Algebra 2. Usually it is the class you take after Geometry and before Precalculus. I personally have students in both the honors version and regular version of this class so I will record videos for each!


My students in the regular version are in the middle of factoring right now. I’ve recorded a video that takes you through a checklist of all the different types of factoring. Just remember to always check for a GCF first…you will save yourself a lot of work (if there is one) because it will make all of the numbers a LOT smaller and easier to work with :)



My honors students have moved past basic factoring but are now using it to simplify rational expressions. You probably know those better as “those really messy looking fractions that have a bunch of x’s in the top and bottom”! Here are a few examples…



Join me again next Wednesday for more Advanced Algebra Trig (or whatever your school calls it!), and tomorrow we will take a look at some Geometry!