rough monday

Oh wow, it was hard hearing that alarm go off this morning after a relaxing Thanksgiving break! I so much just wanted to rollover and go back to sleep! I did make it here today though, and if we all push through it’s only a quick, busy 3 weeks until Winter break :)


I’m anticipating that my BC Calculus students will be working on solving differential equations by separation of variables this coming week. I’ve included two examples in my video. If the timing works out properly, I’m planning to do a few word problems using separation of variables next week.



And right before Thanksgiving my AB Calculus students were working on related rates which is where they will be picking back up again today. I’ve worked through one of the very commonly seen “ladder” problems.


See you tomorrow for Precalculus!

word problems don’t have to be confusing!

Happy Friday everyone! I haven’t had any takers yet on my Friday idea of #mathsaverfavor, but I’m keeping the offer open every week. Any math questions that you might have during the week just send them my way, and I’ll publish a video tutorial on Friday of that week!


My Algebra students have recently been putting their new knowledge of linear equations y=mx+b and y-y1 = m(x-x1) to the test by using them in word problems. If you can pick out the key pieces of what a word problem is asking, they honestly won’t be confusing! I’ve explained two of the main types of word problems that you will come across in Algebra when you’re working with linear equations…



I hope you all have a great weekend and Thanksgiving! I will be taking next week off for Thanksgiving so I probably won’t be recording any videos, but I might still be able to write a few helpful posts. And if anyone sends me a question I will for sure find a way to record and publish a video answer for next Friday!!

no rest for the weary

It’s my favorite day of the week again, and I can almost smell Thanksgiving…it’s that close! I have a very busy weekend of tutoring ahead on both Saturday and Sunday so I just have to push through!


My honors Geometry students have been studying parallelograms, rectangles, rhombuses, squares, kites and trapezoids. I always get a LOT of questions about how to tell one from the other when they aren’t drawn to scale. Teachers also love to give “always, sometimes, never” questions throughout this chapter which can be very confusing to my students. I’ve drawn a few diagrams in my video that will help you visualize everything that’s going on!



My regular Geometry students have their big test next week on proving triangles congruent. The final sections they’ve been learning are how to go beyond CPCTC and also how to use the HL Postulate. The proofs have gotten a bit longer and a little more difficult.



And don’t forget to send me any questions that you might have since tomorrow I’m making time for a #mathsaverfavor! We don’t call it Math Favor Friday for nothing 😉

the week is half over!

Wednesday is always the busiest day of the week for me! I’m about to scoot over to my daughter’s school to run the School Store during their lunch hour. My husband and I are in charge of it together, and it is really fun to see how happy the kids get over a simple keychain or smelly marker!!



My regular Advanced Algebra Trig students are just wrapping up their VERY long chapter over quadratics. I’ve shown how to solve quadratic inequalities in this video (so this is quadratic equations that also have < or > symbols and zero on one side of the equation). I always get a lot of questions from students on how to solve these. There is more than one way that teachers use to solve them, but I’ve shown the “number line” method.



My honors Advanced Algebra Trig students are in the middle of logarithms right now. I’ve picked a few problems which show how you can use the 3 main properties of logarithms. Always remember when using the properties that you never use the same operation on both sides. What I mean is: one log with multiplication doesn’t become two logs with multiplication (it becomes two logs that are added). That idea seems to help most students!



See you tomorrow for my favorite day of the week!!

stay healthy during this busy week

It was only a matter of time…I have my first cold of the Fall season. I’m sure plenty of you have been struggling to stay healthy too with the colder weather and your busy schedules! I usually lose my voice when I get sick since I spend so many hours each day talking so hopefully my videos later this week will still sound semi-normal!!



My honors Precalc students are preparing for a quiz this Friday which includes doing arc length and area of sectors. I’ve picked out two of the more challenging problems to show how to apply these formulas. The first deals with the apparent size of a planet when you view it from the Earth. And the other is the “famous” tethered cow problem! I think many of you will have seen it in class or in your books.



My regular Precalc students are wrapping up their trig chapter by solving inverse trig functions using the unit circle. I’ve explained how to solve what is called the “principle” values of those functions which is what you’re finding when they write uppercase Sin inverse.



See you tomorrow for Advanced Algebra Trig!