tired of factoring yet?

I think my Advanced Algebra Trig students are going to cry if they see anymore factoring, but here it is again! They just finished the whole chapter on quadratics and thought factoring was in the past, but now it’s everywhere…with polynomials of even higher degrees!! Yikes!


Well that’s why I’m here. My regular AND honors students are synced up in the same chapter right now so these videos are only about factoring. This first video would be useful for both levels of Advanced Algebra Trig. It is a little lengthier than normal, but I wanted to explain everything thoroughly because factoring is SO important.



And this second video is geared for honors Advanced Algebra Trig. It contains many special cases and very challenging factoring problems…ones that my honors students will be faced with.


Hang in there…you can do it!!

law of cosines…caution

Hello everyone! I missed posting yesterday, but it was for a good reason. I was giving out my first #mathsaverfavor! It was for a college stats student, and I will post the problem and explanation this Friday.


For today I decided to show why you should use caution when starting a law of cosines problem. I always tell my students to solve for the largest angle FIRST (using the law of cosines) when it’s an SSS triangle. That is because they ALWAYS like to switch over to the law of sines to find the second angle…which is fine! But if they haven’t planned ahead by finding the largest angle first, then the law of sines is not going to give them the correct answer if the second angle happens to be obtuse!!

So avoid all potential problems in SSS triangles by finding the largest angle first. I think that’s pretty easy to remember, and it will save you a lot of headaches down the road :)



My regular Precalc students are moving right along with double and half-angle trig identities. I’ve worked through two common problems using those identities in this video…



happy friday

I don’t know why, but this has felt like the LONGEST week! Whew…at least it’s Friday!


My Algebra students are working on solving systems of equations so I thought it would be helpful to pick one problem and show how solving it by graphing, by substitution and by elimination will get you to the same exact answer!


I hope you have a great weekend! See you next week :)

always, sometimes, never

Thursdays are ALWAYS my favorite day! I do have to tutor tonight to make-up for being out of town for Thanksgiving, but that’s ok because Friday is right around the corner :)


My geometry students have been deep into studying quadrilaterals and parallelograms. I’ve put together as many Always, Sometimes, Never questions that I could find and explained each one in my video. My students have trouble understanding these types of questions…ALWAYS lol!


Here is an image of the questions if you’d like to try to work through them on your own first:

Always Sometimes Never


And here is a video which explains the correct answer to each one!



See you tomorrow for some Algebra! And don’t forget to send me any questions you might have because I will post a #mathsaverfavor video on Friday with answers and explanations!


Haha…yesterday sunshine, today snow! That’s Chicago for ya 😉 I’m writing a quick post today because I’m about to go over to my daughter’s school to run their School Store during the lunch hour!


My regular Advanced Algebra Trig students are just starting the chapter on polynomials which means the first section they did was on simplifying exponents. Everyone always has a difficult time with exponents so this video has 5 common types of problems that you’ll come across.



My honors Advanced Algebra Trig students are wrapping up their chapter on logarithm so I’ve shown how to solve the two main types of logarithm equations. You will find that they always either have a log on both sides or a log on only one side. I’ve shown both!



Have a great day, and I’ll see you tomorrow for some Geometry!