Proofs, proofs, proofs

Proofs…you either love them or hate them! The whole first semester is proofs, proofs and more proofs for you Geometry students. The second semester is not however, so you can look forward to that if proofs are stressing you out!


For my regular Geometry students, CPCTC is the name of the game right now. Just keep it simple, find triangles that you can prove congruent first and then CPCTC will be the step right after that. The red flag that you will end with CPCTC is if they are NOT asking you to prove triangles congruent. You still have to prove the triangles congruent, but CPCTC will be your final step.



My honors Geometry students have been doing proofs using parallel lines, corresponding angles, alternate interior angles, and same side (consecutive) interior angles. The connection between parallel lines and the different types of angles works both forward and backward. Parallel lines give you congruent angles AND congruent angles give you parallel lines! I’ve included 2 proofs to show you both types…



Next stop Friday! I’ve put a shout out asking you all to send me any math questions you’ve had this past week. Leave me a comment or use one of my social links above…I’m going to post a video TOMORROW answering the most-asked or all questions (depending on the number of responses). Don’t miss your chance to get in on a #mathsaverfavor!!

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