stay healthy during this busy week

It was only a matter of time…I have my first cold of the Fall season. I’m sure plenty of you have been struggling to stay healthy too with the colder weather and your busy schedules! I usually lose my voice when I get sick since I spend so many hours each day talking so hopefully my videos later this week will still sound semi-normal!!



My honors Precalc students are preparing for a quiz this Friday which includes doing arc length and area of sectors. I’ve picked out two of the more challenging problems to show how to apply these formulas. The first deals with the apparent size of a planet when you view it from the Earth. And the other is the “famous” tethered cow problem! I think many of you will have seen it in class or in your books.



My regular Precalc students are wrapping up their trig chapter by solving inverse trig functions using the unit circle. I’ve explained how to solve what is called the “principle” values of those functions which is what you’re finding when they write uppercase Sin inverse.



See you tomorrow for Advanced Algebra Trig!

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