the week is half over!

Wednesday is always the busiest day of the week for me! I’m about to scoot over to my daughter’s school to run the School Store during their lunch hour. My husband and I are in charge of it together, and it is really fun to see how happy the kids get over a simple keychain or smelly marker!!



My regular Advanced Algebra Trig students are just wrapping up their VERY long chapter over quadratics. I’ve shown how to solve quadratic inequalities in this video (so this is quadratic equations that also have < or > symbols and zero on one side of the equation). I always get a lot of questions from students on how to solve these. There is more than one way that teachers use to solve them, but I’ve shown the “number line” method.



My honors Advanced Algebra Trig students are in the middle of logarithms right now. I’ve picked a few problems which show how you can use the 3 main properties of logarithms. Always remember when using the properties that you never use the same operation on both sides. What I mean is: one log with multiplication doesn’t become two logs with multiplication (it becomes two logs that are added). That idea seems to help most students!



See you tomorrow for my favorite day of the week!!

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