it’s all about math

It’s another super cold day here in Chicago!


My regular Advanced Algebra Trig students have been graphing polynomial functions of higher degrees using zeros and end behavior. The graphs have also had “bounces” and “flattening”. Here’s a video demonstrating those types of problems…


My honors Advanced Algebra Trig students are wrapping up the semester by solving radical equations. Here is one of the hardest problems I could find to show you for those!



it’s definitely winter

We woke up to -1 degrees this morning, brrr!! I was able to squeeze in enough time to record the following videos after I spent about 3 hours fine-tuning my schedule for finals! Every year I wonder which is more difficult…scheduling all of those hours of students or actually tutoring that many hours of students, lol! I think it’s a toss-up :)


Here is a video explaining a neat method for sketching polar graphs. This is what my honors Precalc students are doing this week…



And here is a video showing how to solve a trig equation that involves a total of 6 answers! This is what my regular Precalc students were just tested on…


short and sweet!

Hello everyone! I’m super busy this week tutoring my students for their finals (which mostly take place next week). Yesterday I had 13 hours of students, yikes!! I’m going to try to blog everyday this week but am going to keep my posts pretty short in the essence of my time crunch :)


Here’s a video on how and why it’s good for my BC Calculus students to know the cylindrical shell method for finding volumes of revolution (in addition to their preferred methods of disks and washers)…



And here’s a video explaining how to look at a graph of a derivative and answer questions about the original function. I ALWAYS get a ton of questions on how to do this! My AB Calculus students have been doing this very recently…

slow to blog

Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a difficult transition this week coming off of vacation…I’m sure it’s been the same for all of you! I am definitely going to make some time tomorrow to post a few new videos though. I know I’ve been slacking!!

For the next two weeks, the majority of my students are preparing for finals. Because of that, all of my posts next week will target the most difficult review questions that I’m seeing in each subject. Hopefully that will help you prepare for your finals also (if you haven’t already taken them)!

Here’s a little preview of what will come over the next 1.5 weeks…

AB Calculus : Finding local extrema and concavity
BC Calculus : Finding volume using washers, disks and shells
Precalculus : Solving trig equations
Advanced Algebra Trig : Graphing polynomials using zeros and end behavior
…plus more (including Geometry and Algebra)!!

Stay warm, and I will see you back here tomorrow :)