slow to blog

Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a difficult transition this week coming off of vacation…I’m sure it’s been the same for all of you! I am definitely going to make some time tomorrow to post a few new videos though. I know I’ve been slacking!!

For the next two weeks, the majority of my students are preparing for finals. Because of that, all of my posts next week will target the most difficult review questions that I’m seeing in each subject. Hopefully that will help you prepare for your finals also (if you haven’t already taken them)!

Here’s a little preview of what will come over the next 1.5 weeks…

AB Calculus : Finding local extrema and concavity
BC Calculus : Finding volume using washers, disks and shells
Precalculus : Solving trig equations
Advanced Algebra Trig : Graphing polynomials using zeros and end behavior
…plus more (including Geometry and Algebra)!!

Stay warm, and I will see you back here tomorrow 🙂