no rest for the weary

It’s my favorite day of the week again, and I can almost smell Thanksgiving…it’s that close! I have a very busy weekend of tutoring ahead on both Saturday and Sunday so I just have to push through!


My honors Geometry students have been studying parallelograms, rectangles, rhombuses, squares, kites and trapezoids. I always get a LOT of questions about how to tell one from the other when they aren’t drawn to scale. Teachers also love to give “always, sometimes, never” questions throughout this chapter which can be very confusing to my students. I’ve drawn a few diagrams in my video that will help you visualize everything that’s going on!



My regular Geometry students have their big test next week on proving triangles congruent. The final sections they’ve been learning are how to go beyond CPCTC and also how to use the HL Postulate. The proofs have gotten a bit longer and a little more difficult.



And don’t forget to send me any questions that you might have since tomorrow I’m making time for a #mathsaverfavor! We don’t call it Math Favor Friday for nothing 😉