word problems don’t have to be confusing!

Happy Friday everyone! I haven’t had any takers yet on my Friday idea of #mathsaverfavor, but I’m keeping the offer open every week. Any math questions that you might have¬†during the week¬†just send them my way, and I’ll publish a video tutorial on Friday of that week!


My Algebra students have recently been putting their new knowledge of linear equations y=mx+b and y-y1 = m(x-x1) to the test by using them in word problems. If you can pick out the key pieces of what a word problem is asking, they honestly won’t be confusing! I’ve explained two of the main types of word problems that you will come across in Algebra when you’re working with linear equations…



I hope you all have a great weekend and Thanksgiving! I will be taking next week off for Thanksgiving so I probably won’t be recording any videos, but I might still be able to write a few helpful posts. And if anyone sends me a question I will for sure find a way to record and publish a video answer for next Friday!!