It’s so nice to see the sun out today! I think it’s been almost a full week of rain throughout our travels for Thanksgiving. Rain just makes it that much harder to get up and at ’em.


My regular Precalc students are just beginning to simplify trig expressions using all of the different trig identities. I’ve found that students either LOVE these (it’s like solving a puzzle!) or HATE them (why isn’t there just a formula to follow for each one??) I’m sure I’ll be posting a few more videos in the upcoming weeks to show all of the different types because they usually teach you one group of formulas at a time (double angles, half angles, sum and difference, etc). These examples just show the beginning basics including the pythagorean identities.



My honors Precalc students are working with the law of sines and law of cosines. The most challenging problems are the applications which involve navigation and surveying. I’ve worked through a surveying example which I hope will help you “navigate” your way through all of these types of word problems 😉



Until tomorrow…let’s hope this sunshine continues!!

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