linear programming

TGIF! To finish off the week I’ve worked through a dreaded linear programming word problem. Depending on your Algebra class, you might not have to write the inequalities yourself…which would make it MUCH easier! Just in case some of you have to do this type of problem from scratch however, I’ve shown you how I typically organize the numbers in a chart. I’ve found this makes the whole process a lot easier 🙂


I also gave out my very first #mathsaverfavor this week! It was a Statistics question from a college Statistics student which involved comparing the difference between two means by running a hypothesis test and creating a confidence interval. I didn’t make a video for it, but I’ve included the notes that I wrote out and sent to that student earlier this week! I don’t regularly post on my blog regarding Statistics questions, but I do tutor several AP Statistics students each week so those types of questions are always welcome here!!


Here’s the original question:



And here is my worked out solution:

Hypothesis Test & Confidence IntervalHypothesis Test & Confidence Interval 2

















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